Neuroscience in Delaware

The Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research


The Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research is an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, virtual Center linking Delaware State University and the University of Delaware. Founded in 2012 and supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, Center is focused on strengthening and expanding Delaware’s infrastructure and human resources to support research aimed at understanding how thoughts, memories, feelings and actions emerge from dynamic activities in the brain, and how brain functions change over time.. 

Under the direction of Dr. Melissa A. Harrington at Delaware State University and Dr. Anna Klintsova at the University of Delaware, the Center brings together a multidisciplinary group of neuroscientists. It is an umbrella organization that leverages the neuroscience community and research infrastructure in Delaware to propel advancement in our understanding the brain and nervous system, provide innovative, interdisciplinary programs of doctoral-level research training and professional development, and engage the next generation of researchers through undergraduate and graduate research training.

  By the numbers:
     - Provided pilot funding for 24 junior faculty at UD and DSU
     - Supports three core facilities – Biomedical & Brain Imaging (UD), Cell Electrophysiology (DSU), Vivarium Core (DSU)   
     - Affiliated investigators have published over 200 articles in scientific journals   
     - Affiliated investigators have received over $?? million in additional research grants   
     - Over $6.2 million in additional grant funds have been awarded for educational programs affiliated with the Center